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Sugaring Process

What is Sugaring?

Cleopatra's Sugaring Salon offers an affordable, painless method of hair removal in Groton, Connecticut. Many people are unclear about what exactly a sugaring salon is. Sugaring has been around for centuries, and is widely used as a simple, healthy way to remove hair.

The Art of Sugaring

Sugaring is an all-natural form of hair removal paste that consists of only food-derived ingredients like sugar, water, and fresh lemon juice. There are no chemicals, preservatives, or perfumes added. Sugaring is gentle enough for any skin type, and will remove the finest hair, including ingrown follicles, from the roots. It also gets rid of dead skin cells without damaging healthy cells.

Sugaring hair removal treatments remove short hair in the early stages of growth. Over time, your hair will grow finer and lighter in color until the hair follicle is virtually nonexistent. After a few treatments, depending on your skin type and other circumstances, you will notice the difference right away.

Please Note: you may have heard the term "sugar waxing." This is different from sugaring. Sugar waxing is chemically altered wax added to sugar paste. This hair removal process is the same as waxing, and should not be confused with organic sugaring. Below is a contrast between sugaring, waxing, and shaving.


• All Natural Ingredients
Water Soluble, Easy to Clean
Lukewarm, No Risk of Burning
Not Sticky, Adhere to Dead Skin Cells
Minimal Discomfort & Irritation
Helps Eliminate Ingrown Hairs
Lasts from Four to Six Weeks
Superior, Healthy, Hairless Results
Safely Removes Hair from Follicle
Skin Feels Soft, Clean & Comfortable
Safe for Sensitive Skin Conditions
Sugar Is Bacteria Resistant
Sugar Paste Can Be Applied to Missed Hair More Than Once
Requires 1/16" to 1/4" of Hair Growth


Contains Chemical Resins
Difficult to Clean Up
Hot, May Cause Burning
Adheres to Live Skin Cells
Very Painful & Traumatizing to Skin
Can Lead to Ingrown Hairs
Last from Three to Four Weeks
Long-term Damage to Skin Cells
Results in Follicle Distortion\Hair Breakage
Uncomfortable Irritation
Not 100% Safe for All Skin Types
Bacteria Breeds in Wax Warmers
Wax Cannot Be Applied to the Same Area
Requires 1/2" of Hair Growth

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May Cause Razor Cuts or Burns
Causes a Series of Microscopic Cuts
Cause Skin to Darken over Time
Great Case Ingrown Hairs
Next-day Hair Growth
Long-term Damage to Skin Cells
Does Not Remove Hair from the Roots
Causes Stubble, Chicken Skin Look
Skin Feels Raw, Uncomfortable Irritation
Not 100% Safe for Any Skin Type
Bacteria Breeds between Razor Blades
Makes Hair Thicker & Darker in Color
Cause Infection in the Hair Follicle (Folliculitis)